Message From Chairperson

Dear Guardians and students,                                   
I feel immense pleasure to extend my gratitude to all the faculty members, students, campus administrative staff, parents, local political leaders and social workers for their   assistance in our attempts to offer quality education, and make the campus what it is today. This is the 21st century and every second there is an explosion of new knowledge and information, which is all possible only because of education. Quality education is the demand of today’s world.  Babai Multiple Campus recently celebrated its silve

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Babai Multiple Campus, established with the full financial support of the inhabitants of Bardiya district in 2044, has been successful to introduce itself as a center for higher education. Having gained an affiliation from the University in accordance with the decision made by Tribhuvan University Council on 2044/ 03/19, the campus had formally launched teaching-learning activities at Proficiency Certificate Level in the stream of Humanities on 2044/05/15. 
Although this district is geographically situated in the terai region, in terms of education the district is the most backward in the comparison to other districts. Having realized this, the then stakeholders, intellectuals, academicians, social workers, politicians, and common people from different government and non-government organizations brought this campus into existence by their unforgettable contribution. Although, in its establishment period the campus had launched teaching-learning programs only at proficien